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Our Founder

Robert Clark PCI,CFI CSM.

Robert Clark has been in the Investigative /Security field for over 30 years.

 He has experience as a High Value Armored Transport Officer, Correctional Officer, Security Manager and Executive Protection Agent. 

 Since establishing Robert Clark Agency in 1997, he has conducted over 4000 investigations many involving fraud, internal and external theft  as well as hundreds of workplace accident investigations.   He has also provided security services on varying levels for a multitude of clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to private individuals

 He is licensed as a Private Investigator and Security Agency in both NJ and PA. 

 He has a BA in Business Management and an AS in Criminal Justice.

 He is a Certified Safety Manager, Certified Liability Expert, Professional Certified Investigator and a Certified Forensic Interviewer.

 He holds numerous industry specific credentials including a diploma in Risk Management, Workplace Violence Prevention, Active Shooter Response, Accident Investigation Specialist, Workplace Investigator, Certified Counterintelligence Threat Analyst, Organized Retail Crime Investigator and Supply Chain Management.

He is also certified as a School Safety Specialist by the School Safety Advocacy Council and the ALICE Program.

 He is certified by OSHA , FEMA, Wicklander- Zulawski, The American Redcross and ASIS. 

 He is also trained in First Aid/CPR/AED/Mass Casualty Events. 

 He is a Certified instructor in defensive tactics, handcuffing, baton and OC Spray . He is also a NRA firearms instructor. 


Our Team

We attract and employ only the best agents available. 







We also have partnered with Security equipment providers, Computer/Phone Forensic Experts, TCSM(Bug sweeps) and Polygraph Examiners. 

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